My Pop gave me a camera in high school. I had always marveled at his photography, and at the fact he had printed his own work when he was younger. It didn’t take long before I was spending time loading developing tanks in a blacked out closet and printing photos in the spare bathroom. The passion took hold.


Although photography remained a hobby I loved, it wasn’t until I became a photographer on a crime scene investigations team that I started thinking like a “professional”. The technical side of the camera became ingrained in me. At this time I also began teaching photography internationally. I learned respect for other cultures as I traveled the world, and I enjoyed teaching others. Still I felt I needed more photographically. The search for where I fit into the photographic world continued.


My photographic journey gained a compass when I met my friend and mentor, Peter Hurley. He showed me the power the camera holds when photographing people. I am now an Associate Photographer in Peter’s Headshot Crew, a worldwide association of headshot photographers. Although there are several thousand member photographers in the Headshot Crew, there are less than 100 Associates. I am now helping others find their compass, teaching and mentoring up and coming headshot photographers. Through my photographs I am helping individuals, and companies, market their brands more effectively. I help others gain confidence in using their image to show the world who they are.


Naturally, my enjoyment in studying and photographing the human face has carried over to my travels. I enjoy seeking out others and photographing them. The further apart our cultures are, the better. Showing our commonality, while celebrating our differences, is my goal when I’m traveling.


“Greg is amazing and he’s dedicated to making you look great.”

— Scott Fant