Believe me, I know. Once you have decided you need a headshot you have to choose a headshot photographer. There are dozens of professional photographers in every city to choose from. Then there are all the experienced part-time pros, and the accomplished amateurs. How the hell do you cut through the noise and make an informed decision? Google becomes your friend as you begin your research and read reviews. Once you’re at the point you’ve found experienced photographers who shoot headshots, and have images displayed that you relate to, it is time to narrow your search. Now begins the deep dive.

Do you have friends that have used any of these photographers? If you like your friend’s headshot, start there. Is the photographer personable? You will need to be able to relax. Did he/she fulfill your friends needs? This may be as far as you need to go. However, what if you haven’t found the photographer you need yet?

Look at the work. If the work isn’t memorable, then move on. A headshot must be memorable. It will be your visual calling card. Is the work consistent? You have to have an idea of how your final product will look. If the work is all over the place in terms of lighting, color, composition, etc… going with that photographer is a crapshoot, and you are gambling with your calling card. This is not to say the photographer only displays one type of photograph, or only one look to their work. This is to emphasize knowing what you will get. The style you like must be able to replicate the look you need. Does the headshot portfolio reflect the way you want to be portrayed?

Make sure the photographer you are considering has photographs that look like real people. A headshot shouldn’t look like a plastic skinned model on the cover of a glamor magazine. As your calling card, your headshot should show you in your best light possible, but it should look like you. As Judy, a photographer in Dallas, says, the headshot should be authentic.

Those tips should help with your decision. They certainly should get you farther down the road in your pursuit of a bad ass headshot. There is always the “it” factor that may influence you decision. Some styles will grab your attention, and you can’t forget the look their headshots have. We are back to a memorable photograph. If a photographer you are considering creates photographs you can’t forget, go with that one!