How Do I get Ready?

Preparing For Your Headshot

A few things to ensure we rock your headshot session. If you haven’t already, look in the mirror. Get an idea of what your expressions look like, and practice the look that says, “I am confident.” Don’t worry, I’ll coach you through your best expressions, but this way we have a solid starting point.

Get plenty of rest the night before. Sleeplessness is often a symptom of stress. We don’t want any stress conveyed in your headshot. Hydrate the night before and day of your headshot session. Hydrate your skin as well. Don’t forget to moisturize the night before. Fellow photographer Kim Dalton brings up a good point when she recommends a moisturizer without SPF, as the sun protection can cause reflections when lit with photographic lights. Men, if you shave in the morning, use shave balm afterwards if you have sensitive skin. Come ready to have fun, this isn’t your dad’s department store photo experience. Some general suggestions:


  • Solid colors or very conservative patterns

  • Generally, don’t go with overly bright colors, they will compete for attention.

  • Undershirts, camisoles, and bras should match the tone of the shirt or blouse you wear.

  • All collars should be in great condition, and your shirts pressed when applicable.

  • Men’s ties should not be so attention grabbing that they compete with you.

  • Bring several shirts/blouses to choose from. More is better.

  • Keep jewelry simple and classic. I recommend stud earrings only.


  • Makeup, with a natural look is recommended for women.

  • Light eye makeup

  • No false eye lashes

  • Neutral or light lip color

  • No makeup for men (I have products to deal with shiny skin)

Hair and skin:

  • Clean hair

  • A fresh haircut is good, but not within a couple days of the session.

  • Neutral or clear nail colors (for portraits)

  • Moisturize skin as needed (especially in winter)

  • If you wear glasses, bring every pair you own

If you have any additional questions, please call or email prior to your shoot day.