Your Headshot session

We will not be watching the clock or rushing your shots in order to make room for the next person. I book two sessions per day to maximize our time together. Sometimes getting the perfect expression takes a little work. The expression is the difference between a good headshot, and an unforgettable headshot. I will coach you through the process of getting a headshot that reflects your best. Working together, your headshot will project confidence and trust. That may come quickly, but it may take a little time. Your session won’t end until we have it.

Likewise, each person’s needs vary. If you need shots in different outfits, we will do that. I encourage multiple outfit looks anyway, so you have choices to choose from. I won’t limit you to one, or two, outfits. Again, whatever is needed to nail down your look is what we will go with.


My in-studio headshot session fee is $300, and includes:

  • Shoot Preparation Suggestions sent to you in advance of the shoot day

  • A Headshot Session Without a Set Time Limit

  • Unlimited Outfits

  • A Post Session Review and Image Selection

After shooting your headshots, we will sit down and go through your photographs. We will work together to narrow down your choices, then you will make the final selections. Each selected image will be professionally retouched before delivery to you. Cost for the images is $75 each.

I have found that omitting set packages not only allows for a relaxed time while shooting, but prevents you from over selecting, or under selecting, images. You select based on your own unique needs.

I am fully committed to providing five star experiences. Many clients come to me through referrals due to session experience, along with the headshot quality, I deliver. I aim for you to leave your session wanting to show your new photographs, while telling your friends about the experience making them.