Do you need a haircut before your headshot session? Of course you do! If you are a man and have hair that grows like mine, your sideburns will look like a Civil War general if you don’t keep it trimmed. Unless this is for a war reenactment group, that’s not good. My thoughts are pretty simple.

You want your hair to look healthy and well maintained. I believe you should give several days between your haircut and photo session. In summer and early fall, add a couple more days. You don’t want a tan line outlining your hair line. A few days will also allow your hair to relax and fall where it naturally goes. This is especially important for those of you with long locks. Your headshot will be tight on your face, so have your hair at it’s best.

Don’t go with a drastic change before your headshot. Tried and true is the rule here. If there is a trend you like, save it for post headshot. James, a photographer in the UK, is a huge Beatles fan. However, even he knows a Ringo mop top is a dated look. Speaking of dated looks, I recommend a new headshot every couple years, or each time your look changes. If you experiment with hair styles a lot, we may become good friends. When you come for your headshot, have your hair ready. I have a hair dryer and curling iron should you need a touch up to your style. If your hair is taken care of, it will be one less distraction on photo day.