Travel and Workshops

I am available for headshot, portrait, and travel photography instruction. Currently, I am teaming up with Piper MacKay for an exciting workshop and a remarkable trip to India. Both are in 2019.


Holi Festival India Tour 2019

March 12 - 22, 2019. This tour, which is limited to eight participants, will put you in the middle of the action for two major festivals. The first is the celebration of Holi, where Hindus will be bombarding each other, and us with a rainbow of colors. While this is a commemoration of the relationship between Lord Krishna and Radha, it is also a celebration of Spring. You will be in key positions to make photos of the action.

We will also visit the Festival of Hola Mohalla, a celebration of the martial prowess of the Sikhs. Before and during the festival will be opportunities to make portraits decorative turbans unique to the Sikhs and this festival. During the festival, there will be plenty of action which climaxes with horsed warriors charging into the main arena.

In addition to the two festivals, we will visit several cities, temples, and cultural sites. We will have an exceptional guide who will give us the history and culture of the sites we see in our travels. Every day will have outstanding photographic opportunities.

For a detailed itinerary, and to sign up for the exciting trip, visit Piper's page here: 


Wyoming - Spirit-N-Light It Up Workshop

May 5 - 11, 2019. Develop your skills in creating powerful images by utilizing dramatic lighting while surrounded by the beauty of the American West. We will be on a 65,000 acre working ranch with backdrops such as the Bighorn Mountains, groves of aspen, open meadows, and a rushing river to enhance our photographs. Our subjects will range from herds of cattle, ranch horses, and scenery to American Cowboys. As she does in her Spirit-N-Light Workshops, Piper will lead the group through exercises designed to hone your skills in recognizing and utilizing dramatic light. I will then show how to add simple flash techniques to get that "wow" factor in your photographs.

The workshop will consist of instruction which will be reinforced through instruction and hands-on practical exercises. We have planned the location, and subject matter, so this will not only be instructional, but an opportunity to build your portfolio as well.

For further details, and to sign up for this exceptional workshop, visit Piper's page here: