Photographers use “look” to denote a change in outfits in a photography session. This really comes from fashion photography. Of course, others use this term too. Actors often need multiple looks, and business professionals may want a business, and a business casual, look. Often, photographers charge by the look. My packages take looks into account, but there is more to this that may need to be examined. If you wear glasses, is it a different look to take them off. With me, the answer is no way! As a matter of fact, I ask that glasses wearers bring all their glasses so we can see what looks best. That being said, if you have a pair with the upgraded anti-glare lenses, those will probably be our winners. Like taking off glasses, removing a coat or blazer is not changing looks.

As I said, business professionals often want a business, and a business casual, look. As more and more companies’ employees lose their ties, this is even more true. While you want your shot to reflect how you’d look for the position you are aiming for, you may have occasion to look more relaxed. I have many sales people this applies to. Actors and models frequently want extra looks. They want to show their versatility. A character look may be needed for their portfolio. I have a client who looks much younger than he is. He is always cast as the boyfriend, or guy next door. However, he really wants a part as a bad guy, or at least someone who is not Mr. Trustworthy. We nailed his everyday look. Then he put on a dark tee shirt and a jacket. I changed the lighting to throw a heavy shadow on his face, and he made an effort not to show his naturally good natured smile. His second look is in his portfolio, and casting directors are seeing him in a new, more versatile way. Headshot photographer Joe Loper in NYC, is a photographer who shoots actors on a daily basis. He always steers his clients towards extra looks, and they appreciate his input. I follow his lead, and recommend the same.