LinkedIn, Why Not A Selfie?

Why do I need a professional headshot when my resumé speaks for itself? When I hear this question the first thing I ask is, “When you are looking at potential connections do you stop at a profile with no picture?” “Do you stop at a profile with a selfie?” Often the answer to those questions is no. 

Research shows executives, recruiters, and HR managers do not spend time on profiles without profile photos, either. A study by LinkedIn indicates profiles with a professional headshot are 10x more likely to be viewed by recruiters and potential employers than those without. Furthermore, profiles with professional headshots are 14x more likely to be viewed than those without a photo at all. Atlanta photographer Nina Parker mirrors this view when she says, “A professional headshot communicates that you take your work seriously and are invested in success.” Your image should reflect your professionalism, just as your resumé does.

We live in a visual society. We are very social online. Studies show 93% of recruiters and HR managers check a candidate’s social media profile before extending an offer. I suspect the same holds true for candidates who are in demand. They have choices, and want to know more about potential employers before accepting an offer. When they search for future bosses, or company executives, images appear. This is the opening pitch for you as a brand, a manager, or a company leader.

Whether seeking employment or seeking the best employee available, what does your headshot say about you? Does it convey your confidence, approachability, or trustworthiness? Will you trust your selfie to convey those things? A friend with a “good” camera? You’ve spent the time and effort writing your resume, and preparing your LinkedIn profile. Don’t dilute it with a sub-par headshot!

With a photograph made by me, you don’t have to worry about a sub-par look. I specialize in headshots and will coach you to look your best. I will bring out those attributes in you I mentioned earlier that so many of us want in a boss, employee, or associate. This is done during the photoshoot by coaching your head and body positions, as well as how you hold your chin, mouth, and eyes. You won’t look out to lunch, or disengaged, when you are coached correctly. With my guidance you will look like an authority in your field, which will compliment that outstanding resumé.